Laptop Buying Guide.

Laptop Buying Guide| Quick tips |Laptop specifications comparison.

Are you looking for Laptop which will satisfy your goal?

Are you a student and looking for a budget-friendly laptop?

Do you know which specification will suit your requirement?

YES, you are on the right site. I will enlighten you what you should look before purchasing a Laptop. By the end of this article, you will be crystal clear what specification will suit your need and you will become a rational laptop buyer. Stay tuned and read the full article. 

What are the specifications of a good laptop?

What specs to look for in a gaming laptop?

Following factors, one should look before buying a Laptop|Laptop configuration check| Laptop buying guide India | Comparing Computer Specification.

1 Right Size: It is the main factor that determines the portability of Laptop. The size preference of laptop also varies from person to person. Some like to have a sleek and slim laptop others may not.

Most ideal and popular size of the laptop is 15 inch and weight is about 4 to 5.5 pounds. And it is usually the companies standard size most popular among all users.

Buying the right size helps the user to be in a comfort zone and improves its efficiency while working on a laptop.

2 Operating system: There are mainly 2 types of operating systems

  1. Windows
  2.  Mac


is the easiest to use operating system and most commonly used among all age groups. Its user interface is that much easier than anyone can easily work on it without any complications.

The window provides his own software store which provides much software that makes the day to day operations effective and efficient. Windows is owned by Microsoft.

Touch screen Laptops are also used windows operating system. It is relatively cheaper than Mac systems.

Mac operating system is owned by apple. Apple uses his own operating system in his Laptop. And it is also user friendly but this provides restriction from downloading software and files from unknown sources. Apple provides his own store to download software because it helps in stopping virus and malware that are in various files over the Internet. Apple is known for its security among all companies in the world. Price of Apple laptop is relatively higher among other companies.

 3.RAM: It is the most important factor that will help in making your purchase worthful. Ram determines the multifunctionality of the system.

It also determines the speed of the computer, how many windows and task can be done side by side

It ranges between 4GB to 32 GB.  The ideal purchase should have 8GB at least ram that ensures smooth multi-functioning of Laptop|Laptop buying guide for students.

4 Storage: Storage also determines how many files and data one can store in his Laptop. It usually depends on how much is the usage requirement for a person.

Storage should be at least 1TB as no one buys a new laptop so frequently. The storage needs in every task over the Internet. So one must think about how much storage is needed for his work.

5 Processor: Processor is considered as the brain of the laptop.  As it influences the overall performance of the Laptop. Selection of Processor determines what one wants to do.

So, it’s must be the main factor in your laptop specification list. As the processor of a laptop is powerful, it will run faster and allows the user to run a large program such as photo editing, graphic design software. Try to use the Intel process. Intel provides a range of processors such as Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, corei9 etc.

As the person who needs heavy software for his work such as web developer, a graphic designer must go heavy processors such as INTEL i8 and i9 series. People who have a keen interest in playing heavy Laptop games should also go for intel i9 and i8 series.

One should buy at least i3 series for his daily operations of work or for entertainment purpose as well.

6 Screen and display quality:  Screen quality determines the best watching experience to the user.

The more pixels you have, the more content you can fit on-screen, and the sharper it will look. if you can afford it, we recommend paying extra for a panel that runs at 1920 x 1080, also known as Full HD or 1080p.

Higher-end laptops have screens that are 2560 x 1600, 3200 x 1800 or even 3840 x 2160 (4K), which all look sharp but consume more power, lowering your battery.

7 Battery Backup: Battery backup also is the key factor while choosing any laptop.

As it determines how much time you will able to use a laptop once you charge it.

It also determines how much time you will able to use it while travelling. The Laptop must have at least 7 hrs of battery backup this will help in giving the best performance in day to day life.

8. Brand of Laptop: The brand value of the laptop company is based on the quality and performance of its products such as durability, tech support and after service.

Companies laptop varies in terms of designs and specification and what after service they provide to their users.

One should look for reviews of companies before trusting any brand.

Top brands that are known for quality and support.

1 Apple

2 HP

3 Dell

4 Lenovo



If you are able to understand for what purpose you need a Laptop,

As no user purchase Laptop so frequently so understanding your requirement helps in making a worthful purchase.

Keeping the above factors in mind you will able to choose the best laptop in your budget.

This will help you in understanding the whole concept of Laptop specifications.

Ideal Laptop in today scenario must have the following key specifications.

  • Ram of at least 8GB
  • Hard Disk of at least 1TB
  • Battery backup of at least 7 hrs.
  • The screen size of about 14 to 15 inches.
  • Graphics card of NVIDIA
  • Intel Processor of at least i5 series
  • Display quality must support at least 1080 pixel
  • Sleek and slim design.

I hope this article has given you the vision, what you should look before buying a laptop and will surely help you in taking a rational decision.

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